Apartments next to the Caleta beach in Cadiz

With us you can find different options to choose one of these holiday apartments next to the Caleta beach in Cadiz, one of the most emblematic places in the city, great to enjoy a stay in a family atmosphere, surrounded by great views with many activities that you can do during the trip. By choosing one of the vacation rentals that we offer in the La Caleta area, you will be able to experience all the typical activity of this area. You will not only enjoy bathing on the beach, but also a place to have fun, find numerous places to eat and get to know the typical dishes of the city and, of course, move quickly to the rest of the places to visit in the city.

Apartamento Mirador de Cádiz
Apartamento Terraza del Drago
Apartamento Reflejo de Cádiz
Apartamento Gran Sol de Cádiz

Beachfront accommodation in La Caleta

The location of Playa de la Caleta makes it an ideal place to find accommodation, something with which we will help you with our extensive catalog of rentals for days in this city. It is a very special place, between the castles of San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. Here you will enjoy some of the best sunsets that you can see, it is also a very appropriate place for those who travel with their children, since it is a very quiet environment and that makes many tourists who travel with the family choose this area to stay . The combination of offering a beach with excellent waters for bathing, with fine and spacious sand, makes it ideal for those looking to enjoy the good climate of Cadiz and also be close to many tourist places that this destination also offers to all its visitors.

Atardecer en Playa de la Caleta en Cádiz