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Holiday apartments in front of the beach of Cadiz

You can find here our apartments in front of the beaches of Cadiz, apartments to rent for holidays, either for a few days or a few weeks. You will enjoy some of the main beaches of the city. Playa de Santa María del Mar, Playa de la Victoria o Playa de la Cortadura. All this accommodations are fully equipped with everything you need and some even offer amazing views of all the coast, to enjoy it every single day of your stay.
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Holiday Accommodations near the beaches of Cadiz

One of the best atracctions in the city of Cadiz are its beaches. We understand that many of you want to find an accommodation in front of them. We have prepared this list where you can find the ideal one for you. These are very well located apartments, just a few meters from the coast. You will enjoy bathing days thanks to the proximity to the beach. We explain some of these wonderful beaches, apart from the beach Playa de la Caleta, because we show you our accommodations in another section. These are the other three beaches that we want to highlight for you.

Santa María del Mar Beach

A beach that usually has little wind, and it is also known as Playa de las Mujeres. It doesn't have a very wide sandy area, but its extension is considerable, with more than 600 meters. Some surfers choose this place to practice their sport once the bathing ours are over.

Victoria Beach

This is a larger beach than the previous one, 2,900 meters long, and that makes it one of the most important in the city, with a lot of tourists and residents going there. It is an ideal place to enjoy the landscape at sunset, a place that transmits great calm and is ideal to enjoy it at least once during your visit.

Cortadura beach

This is a bit further away from most apartments, however we have some of them that are a few meters away. It is the largest in the capital, covering a length of 3,900 meters and, unlike the others, we do not find buildings behind it, but a sandy area with dunes. Between this beach and Victoria beach, there is an ideal place to practice most of the sports that atract a lot of visitors to the city.